5 ways to relieve in-flight ear pain

  If you experience pain in the ears while landing or takeoff, read this. There’s no doubt that flight journeys are quick and convenient but not when you experience pain in the ears especially during takeoffs and landings. The unequal pressure which develops on the either side of the eardrums as the plane takeoffs or […]

Items From Kids’ Ears, Noses and Throats on Display at Boston Children’s Hospital

A chilling display at Boston Children’s Hospital shows odd items that have become lodged in and then were removed from kids’ ears, noses and throats. A chart at the entrance of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department (ENT) features the array of items doctors have removed from their child patients. If it is small enough […]

Hearing hindrance for little ears

Every year over 10 lakh babies are born in India with hearing impairment and in the absence of awareness and timely medical guidance, most grow up with hearing disability. They often face social and emotional challenges—feel isolated and report below average grades in school. Statistics show that one in 1,000 babies born from high-risk pregnancy […]

Smog-ged out!

The thick smog hanging in the air in Lahore and its adjoining districts has disrupted routine life, causing health problems and fatal road accidents as well as flight delays. Heavy smoke particles interact with water vapour in the atmosphere to create smog, which is a combination of volatile organic compounds and harmful gases. Usually smog […]

Premature baby is smallest to get life-saving procedure

  Special procedure gives child a second chance NEW ORLEANS — Someday, far in the future, Baby Roosevelt Walsh will have a dramatic story to tell about the love and medical technology that gave him a chance at life. Walsh, a premature baby weighing less than two pounds, wasn’t expected to make it, but when […]

Maternal instinct leads to life-saving diagnoses for baby with Down syndrome

Ever since 3-year-old Emma Barreda was an infant, her mother, Tasha Barreda, had noticed she breathed more loudly than other babies. In her first year of life, Emma would seem sick when doctors said she wasn’t— they chalked her symptoms up to Emma’s Down syndrome— and day care employees would refuse the baby’s entry for […]

Parents Want the Jaw-Dropping Truth

  On October 13, local Dallas doctors attend a lecture regarding Sleep Disordered Breathing that can cause underlying health issues. Dallas, TX – October 12, 2016 – (Newswire.com) Your child’s health? The answer is right under your nose. But who knew what was happening – When the jaw drops backwards? Local MD’s are learning this […]

Tips for parents to treat child allergies

Allergy season can be year-round in Arizona, and there are all types of allergens that can affect both adults and children. Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes: If you don’t have these symptoms now, chances are some of your friends and coworkers do. They are called seasonal allergies, but the reality is you can have these […]

What it’s like to raise a child with Down syndrome

  For many people, the idea of raising a child with Down syndrome is scary. I should know — it certainly was for me. At 15 weeks into my second pregnancy, I received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, and I was terrified. I never considered having an abortion, but the idea of raising a […]

Easing Kids’ Fears When Visiting the Doctor

It can be scary for any kid to visit the doctor, especially if you have to make several trips and have special surgeries and procedures. March is Child Life Month, which is a time dedicated to celebrating the specialists making it easier for kids to go through stressful situations. Amelya Daily, 5, is no stranger […]