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Former Dallas Observer Dining Critic Hanna Raskin is Off Her Rocker

Earlier this morning, I received a link to a Seattle Weekly blog post written by former Dallas Observer “critic” Hanna “Sudafed” Raskin and planned to write a rebuttal. Eater “Up at Dawn” Dallas beat me to the punch. However, I would like to throw a few more. Her post– “Professional Food Critics Not Needed in […]

Autumn allergies: What you need to know

  It’s true that in spring, trees and flowers give people fits, and during the long summers, grasses are added to the mix. But autumn and early winter can be particularly miserable for some people, local doctors say: It’s weed season. “Ragweed pollen is one of the predominant allergens in the fall; it can cause […]

Iron Man: A Young Person’s POTS ME/CFS Recovery Story Pt. I.

  Infection Fells Teenager In August 2014, a formerly very healthy and active 13 year old named Jack Schlanger entered the realm of the chronically ill. His story began with three days of high fever followed by eight days of lower-grade fever and extreme fatigue/malaise. About two weeks later he began experiencing nausea and loss […]